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"Parents need to fill a child's bucket
of self-esteem so high 
that the rest of the world can't poke enough holes to drain it."

-Alvin Price

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About Us
Earlyworks Developmental Therapy Services, LLC is an early childhood developmental therapy practice that enhances the well-being of children and families through developmentally appropriate therapeutic intervention. We strongly believe social-emotional development is the foundation for healthy self-esteem, social relationships, and academic success. We are committed to partnering with families, educators, and other important people in a child’s life to promote positive growth, learning, and success.

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Meet Dana Weine, M.S.


I am dedicated to helping families with children experiencing developmental, sensory processing, mental health, and/or behavioral challenges that interfere with everyday living through social-emotional practices.  As a Child Development Specialist, I look specifically at how the child is developing and work closely with families to identify and address underlying issues and the causes of behavior, feelings, and emotions. Through an individualized, strength, and relationship-based approach, I help families and educators implement developmentally appropriate intervention programs to support improved functioning and relationships at home, school, and daily activities.


"No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship."

--James Comer

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